It’s not easy picking a few songs as essential listening. Especially for a band like Mt. Joy. But here are a few great songs to start with if you’re new.

First, we can’t have a list of Mt. Joy’s best music without mentioning “Silver Lining”. This song has a stunning guitar melody that uplifts the vocals to something that’s way beyond what you might expect. And the lyrics tell an important story about dealing with addiction.

Next, we have to recommend checking out “Strangers”. This song is both incredibly happy and thoughtfully sad. The music video is particularly creative with imagery that leads to a heartwrenching ending. You have to check out this video to see for yourself.

Finally, be sure to check out “Dirty Love”. This song has an incredible melody with surprisingly hard lyrics that just smack you when you notice them. It shows how much songwriting talent this band has and what they can do to subvert expectations.